Here are the visa options if you want to live in New Zealand permanently, and your visa application will be based on your occupation or skills.

1. Skilled Migrant Category
For people who have the skills, qualifications and experience New Zealand needs

Skilled Migrant policy has been the most popular Permanent Residency Application category in recent years.  This policy is based on a numerical point system set out for primary selection. Points are allocated based on a number of factors including age, qualifications, skilled employment and work experience.

Key Requirements Details
Eligibility to Apply for EOI Must have a minimum of 100 points
Health and Character Must meet Health and Character requirements
English Language IELTS 6.5 or have obtained a two year course taught fully in English etc.
Settlement and Contribution Meet settlement and contribution requirements
Age 55 or younger

2.    Work to Residence

For people who:

  • are qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand, or
  • have a job offer from an accredited employer, or  
  • have exceptional talent in sports or the arts.

This option allows you to apply for a temporary work visa as a step towards gaining permanent residence.

3.    Residence from Work
For people who are already in New Zealand on a Work to Residence visa, and want to apply for residence


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