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Our Services

IT consulting and outsourcing

IT DIY may or may not work, but getting it right the first time saves money and time. We will advice you on the best and most cost-effective use of appropriate technologies that will make your IT investment pay for itself in the shortest time possible. Often, it makes sense for you to focus your business to maximize your profit potential. Outsource your IT operation to us to unlock your potential.

POS system for restaurant

AITS markets and implement a complete POS system for restaurant, cafes, fast-food chain. The POSELLA POS software can be used in stand-alone shop or in a chain restaurants. The one-stop solution also includes the complete POSELLA software, POS hardware, implementation and support service.

Web design and Hosting

a. Website look and feel - graphic design and HTML layout
b. Flash or JQuery design to enhance the website
c. Forms
d. links and navigation menus
e. Photography
f. Javascript and dhtml
g. Optimization of titles, description, keywords, alt tags and website text for search engines
h. Registration with google adwords, including choosing optimum keywords, google ad
i. Registration with google maps and creation of google places page
j. Website Statistics setup with google analytics


Internet marketing

Social Media
a. Setup of facebook account and facebook business pages
b. Links to facebook and twitter including "like" and "follow" boxes
c. Blog setup using Blogger.com

Internet Marketing
a. Design of HTML emails
b. Mass mailout system and maintenance of email customer database (only with CMS)

Custom software development
AITS will advice and help implement the best-of-breed system for your business. But there are times when standard solutions will not fit into your growing, unique or new business model. This is when AITS will combine its global software development expertise and off-shoring capabilities to create the exact solution for your business at attractive price. So that you will gain competitive advantage for your business or to even move into a new Blue Ocean market.